About Us

Toddlertime is owned and operated by Barbara Davis and Carolyn Williams, two New Canaan moms and businesswomen who were lucky to get the opportunity to trade in their brief cases to educate children. We are passionate about providing children with the best early childhood education possible. We invite you and your child to come experience our program, talk with our staff, and ask every question you have. Call 203.972.3111 to schedule a visit or click here to contact us.

We have creative and highly qualified staff members who plan, implement and evaluate the classroom curriculum to provide your child with the highest quality of early childhood education. The activities planned for the children, the way the environment is organized, the selection of toys and materials, the flow of the daily schedule and the interactions with the children are all designed to accomplish the goals of Toddlertime’s curriculum.

We asked our teachers what makes Toddlertime different and this is what they said:

  • One thing different about Toddlertime is that we document each standard for every child three times a year. Another difference is planning and outlining lesson plans every week in a very detailed way.

    – Cornelia Marder, 3’s teacher, 5+ years at TTNS
  • Toddlertime offers a truly rich learning experience with a very comprehensive and modern curriculum. We have a very professional staff who all work hard in weekly planning sessions. I also appreciate the focus on professional development. The sessions are always informative and I enjoy the experience of working as a team with my co-workers.

    – Amy Hopkins, 4+ years at TTNS
  • Our curriculum is guided by the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards. We encourage the children to use a higher order of thinking through topic investigations that interest them. We are proud to express that we work to develop the whole child- cognitive, social and emotional.

    – Diane Coleman, 2’s teacher, 35+ years at TTNS
  • I feel that our curriculum is what differentiates Toddlertime from other schools. It’s dynamic, progressive, detailed, developmentally spot on, current yet rich in the history of early childhood education, incorporates up to date ELDS and CT Standards, creative and solidly built. I also feel that Toddlertime is different because of its parent friendly and flexible environment with multiple options and a willingness to try and meet a family need as it rises. I’d recommend Toddlertime for the curriculum and out of the box feel. I’d suggest to someone looking for a forward thinking, creative and developmentally on target educational experience for their child.

    – Nancy Ferullo, 5’s teacher, 10+ years at TTNS
  • One of the most unique things we do at Toddlertime is the student directed lesson planning. We follow what the children are interested in and go above and beyond planning lessons that are relevant and engaging.

    Jen Burns, 3’s teacher, 5+ years at TTNS

Suzanne Bubrosky

Suzanne always enjoyed splashing through our car wash during Toddlertimes summer camp and we were thrilled when she said she would work during the school year too. She is originally from CA but has happily lived in New Canaan since 1995. She is a mother of three sons and enjoys watching her – believe it or not –  college twins squash matches. In her free time she can be found hiking, skiing or walking her dog around town.

Jen Burns

Jen is always ready to run a school program, join a gym game or participate in a sports match- exceling at them all. After subbing and teaching in our enrichment programs we talked her into joining the permanent Toddlertime team. Jen is a longtime resident of New Canaan, even graduating from NCHS. She raised her 2 boys here and believe it or not her oldest is now in college. When she’s not spending time with family and friends she will be outdoors running, playing golf and is an avid tennis and paddle player. She has a sport for every season.

Sarah Casey

Sarah and her family have lived in New Canaan for over 20 years. Sarah has an MA in Elementary Education from Columbia’s teachers college and taught in NYC and Greenwich. Sarah is delighted to be back in the classroom. She volunteers for a variety of non-profit and fund raising organizations in the community and they are lucky to have her. She can’t wait to get on the slopes to ski, or water to sail, or dry land to play golf she also likes to entertain and travel. All her girls attended Toddlertime!

Diane Coleman

Having been at Toddlertime for over 25 years, Diane is one of Toddlertimes favorite matriarchs. There is no doubt about it – Diane loves babies (she even collects baby dolls). Her other passion is dogs and she has bred Labrador Retrievers for over 20 years. She has three children, two sons and a daughter – and several phenomenal grandchildren!

Nancy Ferullo

Lead 5’s
A NCHS alumni, Nancy came to Toddlertime as a teacher and now is our summer camp director too. She has an education degree and over 20 years of classroom experience. Nancy brings a tireless passion for creative and innovative teaching. She’s an avid blogger and pinner and stays up to date on everything new. Nancy has instilled in her life and classroom a “can do” attitude that is contagious to all children. When she isn’t teaching preschool, enrichment or running our summer camp, she is on the beach or in NYC exploring with friends. Fun fact -she loves gorillas!

Pam Hollis

Pam joins us from teaching at a preschool in Darien where she and her family have lived for last 18 years. Pam was “born” to be with children growing up in a family owned day camp in Greenwich that she eventually directed. She received her BA from Plattsburgh State College. Pam has three grown children and enjoys visiting them often. When she is not traveling, you can find her taking her therapy dog Coco to visit patients at various facilities, helping friends with interior decorating and spending time at the beach.

Amy Hopkins

Creativity is a passion with Amy; she even worked in interior design for 3 years. Though, she prefers teaching and exploring with her students, where her magic in the classroom is obvious. Amy did her undergrad in education and took additional courses at the Bank Street School in NYC. Amy has taught in New Jersey and Connecticut. She loves any outdoor challenge and has participated in NOLS and Outward Bound so it’s not surprising that her favorite activities are running, yoga, skiing and tennis.

Cornelia Marder

Lead 3’s

Cornelia has more than 12 years of teaching experience. She received her undergraduate education in Germany and then came to the states where she went back to school and received her teaching degree. Cornelia joined Toddlertime sharing her imagination, inspiration and experience with your children. Though soft spoken, she can tell you what to do in 3 different languages. She loves to paint with acrylic as her medium, play tennis or curl up with a good book.

Tiffany McKay

Began with Toddlertime  by bringing her smile and enthusiasm to our After’s and Enrichment programs, where she was adored. We were delighted when she also agreed to work in the classroom full time. She is originally from Texas and attended college there. She still loves the energy from a packed stadium. She enjoys, skiing, walking, hiking – anything outdoors and of course music (boot stompin is the best). When not at Toddlertime you will find her putting her creativity to work at cupcake decorating parties. Her youngest son was at Toddlertime and is a teenager now, and, he still has his Toddlertime friends.

Judy Miller

Lead 2’s

Judy is always on the go and loves being in the classroom, working with your children. She is a twenty year resident of New Canaan and has four children who are all Toddlertime alumni. Judy has her Masters of Education from Fairfield University and was an Enrichment teacher before happily stepping into a Toddlertime classroom. When she isn’t at Toddlertime she loves to exercise and play sports, you may even see her on the roads during one of her long runs.

Marnie Miller

Marnie spent the first 35 years of her life in NYC before heading to New Canaan with her husband and three girls. They soon added a crazy golden retriever Daisy to their family and haven’t looked back. She jumped right in to New Canaan volunteering at her children’s schools and the Garden Club. Marnie has her bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Ohio Wesleyan and a Master’s of Science in Education from Bank Street College in NYC. She taught at the Brearley School for 7 years and 8 years in their admissions department. She loves to read and may someday be a co-author.

Kerry O'Dea

When not showing real estate or rubbing elbows with politicians she is at Toddlertime where she has seamlessly joined the team. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Catholic University and a masters from Fordham and is the proud mother of 3. In her few minutes of spare time she enjoys walking, reading, cooking and is the consummate fashionista.

Mercedes Pena

We are glad Mercedes came east when she left Mexico. There she taught elementary school English and math. Her ease in the classroom and years of experience with children is evident. She is currently working on her early childhood certificate. She enjoys assisting in all our programs, especially enrichment Spanish, her native language. When not studying she enjoys reading, spending time with her children, cooking, especially baking – one of her specialties is flan. Bienvenido.

Lily Sacul

Lily has her degree from Purchase in New York, and knew a long time ago that she wanted to teach. Lily hasn’t had a job that didn’t involve educating or working with children – ever! When not at Toddlertime, which isn’t often, she enjoys taking her two dogs for long hikes. If you see someone under a Yankees hat it probably is Lily- an avid supporter and lifelong fan. Lily also enjoys baking and is the best aunt as she takes treats to all her nephews Cub Scout meetings and school functions.

Gabby Sclafani

You may recognize the last name – or pass it on the shelves at the grocery store, yes that is her families business –tomato products, jelly, olive oil etc. all imported from Italy – manga. Gabby grew up in New Canaan, went to the University of Connecticut and then received her masters from Fairfield University. When not in the classroom or working with the After’s enrichment programs you may find her doing cross fit.

Susan Seelert

Susan currently sings acapella in a Darien group aptly named the AcaBellas, and previously sang with the New Canaan mom’s band The Misunderstoods. Susan grew up in New Canaan, went to Miami University returning to New Canaan where she is the parent of three. She is involved in multiple local charities and not surprisingly a big supporter of NCHS Theater. She brings to our programs her flair, training and education and we are so glad she has joined the Toddlertime team.

Alexandra Seeley

Alexandra was born and raised in New Canaan and actually attended Toddlertime! She received her BA from Tulane University and is currently earning her Master’s Degree in Early Childhood and Special Ed. By night she is an aspiring children’s book author as well as a gluten-free baker and photographer, running a creative media business. On weekends she is usually in Vermont, where she can be found on a mountain – hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter.

Kendall Smith

We are so glad that Kendall brought her warmth and talent to Toddlertime. She added her experience and creativity in our enrichment programs and now has taken her teaching into the classroom. She is a mother of 3 and has her degree from Smith College.  Art is her passion, every kind and the messier the better. She loves to explore all media. She sews, paints and can be found prowling the halls of any and all museums. She has 2 adorable dogs so you may see her with them when walking in town.