Toddlertime offers a large variety of after school enrichment. Classes vary year to year depending on the interest of the children, parents and teacher skill set. These programs are optional (additional fees apply). Programs run September to January and January to June but you can join at any time at a prorated amount. Enrichment clubs are open to the public.

In addition to lunch from 12:00 – 1:00pm, we offer the following daily enrichment programs from 1:00 – 2:00pm and additional programs from 2-3:00pm for our school aged children.



Art Masters

From a study of famous artists to messy art, this class will cover a wide range of mediums and techniques. While your child is creating their masterpieces, they will also be developing their creativity, critical thinking and fine motor skills. Come channel your inner Picasso!

Music & Fitness

A half hour of each – the first half hour will have your children singing, dancing and laughing and then on to fitness with fun, games, obstacle courses and morealways with the emphasis on FUN!

Build it

Children’s imaginations run wild as they dream up what to build. Will it be a pirate ship, tree house, catapult or castle? Both long and short term builds with a variety of materials. The teacher facilitates and inspires but the children lead the way!


Around the World

Each week the children will travel to a different part of the world. As they get their passports stamped, they will learn about different cultures through games, art, music and food.

Cooking (1-2 PM or 2-3 PM)

Your little chefs will be learning math, science, etiquette, nutrition, and kitchen safety, while having a delicious time! Due to the nature of this class if your child has allergies please speak with us first.


Fitness and Gym

This entertaining hour will promote gross motor skills. It’s a non-stop, energetic hour of movement and games – some classics and some original Toddlertime specials.

On Stage

Ladies and Gentlemen take your seats- the show is about to begin! Through acting, song, and imagination your children will bring a favorite story to life with their own props, set design and reworked original tale. This is fun and fanciful theatre at its best!

Tinker Academy

Come tinker and make with us. This program is chock full of dynamic, exciting small-scale tinkering projects designed to engage and inspire young makers.

Wacky Wednesdays (3:30 – 5:00 PM)

Ages 2-7 (under 3 TT only)
Pumpkin Decorating 10/24
Edible Art 11/7
Gingerbread Houses 12/12
Sign up for as many as you’d like.


Game Time (1 – 2 PM or 2 – 3 PM)

Open play! A half hour of gym games inside or outside depending on the weather and then a half hour of board games including Memory, Snail’s Pace Race, Operation, Zingo, Candyland and many more. There will always be blocks, magna tiles and stories to round out the day.


Through art, music, food and language your children will learn basic Spanish. You’ll be surprised by how fast they absorb another language and culture! Taught by one of our own native speakers, this is a favorite every year!



A spicy workout that’s based around music. This class will be constant movement and will have everyone dancing, stretching and laughing into the weekend.

Book Cooks

Reading books and cooking up delicious recipes- what could be better? Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Jam for Francis, Dinosaurs Love Tacos to name just a few of our favorites. In each class, the chefs will listen to the story and then head to the kitchen to mix, measure, stir and, of course, taste their yummy creations.

Adventures in Art

Come channel your inner Picasso! We take art to the next level in this class using many mediums such as clay, printing, dough, decoupage and paint. The children will use their colorful imaginations to sculpt, design and create.